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How to farm overnight

Quick Tip

This works with android mainly. It can work with IOS if you use a gmail account for your apple id

Things that effect leveling

-Hot time scrolls (100% 200% 300%)n-Exp skills on petsn-Normal Soup (Buy from pearl shop,usually under hot deals)n-Special Soup (Buy from pearl shop)n-Monument buff (Build monuments in your camp)nnyou can have all these active at once and get a HUGE exp bonus gain

This little trick will allow you to afk farm all night with out having to run back to town to dump off your items.

First thing you have to do is max your inventory slots without going over the weight limit (you will get penalized if you do) For this what i usually do is fill my inventory with alchemy stones, they dont weigh that much. You can use other things like crystals and relics but this is what i prefer to use. (Also make sure you have some skill books or anything you want to farm in your inventory as well)

Second, this is a lot easier on a PC because you dont have to worry about your battery dying and keeping it plugged in all night( you can if you wish)

Last just go to the area you want and hit the auto button,you will now farm the entire night racking up tons of exp while others use the junk black spirit mode. Quite an edge on exp farming.