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Learn how to level efficiently in black desert mobile.

5 Articles

Leveling Basics

There really isnt a “set way” to level in black desert mobile. You can gain good exp from boss rushes if you have the stamps,you can do high ancient ruins over and over if you have the tablets. The rule of thumb is quantity over quality,you might think what do you mean? The higher level […]

Level 1-57

So you just downloaded and installed BDM and need to know how to level efficiently? The goal for these guides are to aid new comers on how to level efficiently,these guides arent for people who have a leveled char already because some of those options(Leaders blessings,Tower of Trials,Path of Glory, etc) wont be available to […]

Level 57-60

Going from 57-60 is the second longest level grinds in the game,you dont have your powerful ascended or awakened skills yet so you cant kill quite as fast,which in turn slows down your exp gain. There are a couple different places to grind this out,however the best place i have found to grind for this […]

Level 60-70

Level 60 to 70 is different since you have ascended or awakened (depending on playstyle choice) and you have more powerful skills that allows you to farm in a lot of different places. Again this is pretty dependent on your CP level as well as a few other factors like monster density and how many […]