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Making Silver

Learn how to make silver.

3 Articles

Selling Soulbound Items

Towards late game you are gonna want to start making silver so you can get all the goodies from the market place. So whats an efficient way of doing this without having to farm endlessly? Once you get into late game you will have TONS of good/fair black stones and instead of letting them go […]

Farming for Silver

This table shows some of the best places to farm for loot to sell to vendors. Area Combat Power price per item Troll Outpost 1000k+ 626 Marni’s Underground Facility 2500k+ 663 Elric Shrine 4000k+ 787 Sausan Garrison 5000k+ 822 Bashim Base 6500k+ 900 In a couple of the locations you will get extra trash loot. […]

Using the Market Place

Very Rarely you will get good drops out in the world(unless you have a high monument and high alchemy stone) So relying on drops isnt very efficient,the best way is to get throw away orange gear with 1 slot(keep it for yourself if it has 2. Also make sure its not used in upgrading your […]