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Get better items out of Shakatu

A lot people claim that if you go to higher areas and die a couple times,then enter Shakatu’s shop you have a better chance of getting higher end gear from him. (I myself have gotten tons of JUNKY orange gear and TONS of decent yellow,Never hit the red yet though)

  • Once you die and go to the shop then you need to buy 10 single pieces first
  • Then buy in bulk

Welcome MessageEquipment
Welcome to Shakatu’s Shop!Any Gear
Everyone that buys from my store becomes a regular customerMysterious Helmet
Having a hard time getting the coin? You’ll forget all about it when you’re holding your new toy!Mysterious Gloves
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Impossible! You’re just not searching hard enoughMysterious Boots
Try your luckMysterious Armour
Can’t wait to see what comes next, right? Ah, the joys of unpredictability!Mysterious Sub-Weapon
All truly rare items go through my storeMysterious Main Weapon

You can refresh the welcome message by hitting the gold coin amount at the top corner of the screen

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