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Level 1-57

So you just downloaded and installed BDM and need to know how to level efficiently?

The goal for these guides are to aid new comers on how to level efficiently,these guides arent for people who have a leveled char already because some of those options(Leaders blessings,Tower of Trials,Path of Glory, etc) wont be available to brand new players.

So to begin the easiest way to get to level 57 is to just play the game. For now just concentrate on going through the main story and complete all the side quests and EXPLORE!!! EXPLORE!!! EXPLORE!!! ( You can find hidden knowledge that gives small boosts to stats all around the world,which overtime will add up for all your chars) Rushing through will only hurt you later. If you arent familiar with black desert then i will warn you that as a free to play player you will be spending most of your time grinding(or AFK grinding).

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