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Level 60-70

Level 60 to 70 is different since you have ascended or awakened (depending on playstyle choice) and you have more powerful skills that allows you to farm in a lot of different places. Again this is pretty dependent on your CP level as well as a few other factors like monster density and how many people are grinding there with you and how fast you cam kill the mobs. I will list some of the best places to grind for these levels.

AreaREquired CPEXP per Hour
Cron Castle31002.5%
Cron Castle Underwater43002.4%
Omar Lava Cave36002.2%
Omar Lava Fields33002.1%
Soldiers Grave Depths38002.8%
Marni’s Underground Facilty
Abandoned Iron Mines
Helm Cave
Elric Shrine

This chart is based on a character with 3901 Combat Power,your results may differ

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