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Selling Soulbound Items

Towards late game you are gonna want to start making silver so you can get all the goodies from the market place. So whats an efficient way of doing this without having to farm endlessly? Once you get into late game you will have TONS of good/fair black stones and instead of letting them go to waste or selling,you can actually use them to turn a profit,but how?

First you are going to need an extractor at your camp that can extract from blue level items (level 2 or 3 i believe)

Second you want to acquire some blue armor,it doesnt matter if its chest,helm,gloves or boots. Just get a collection of them (i usually just go to shakatu’s shop and stock up on them).

Next you want to upgrade that gear to +16 and place them in the extractor (extract black stones not extract gear,i usually do this while im AFK farming)

It will show you what it will extract from the gear(you’re after the yellow grand armor stone)

The entire process costs around 90k- 120k silver (but the profit is huge,depending on the demand of grand stones) If they arent selling for very much in the market then i will wait a couple days for the price to update. instead of just listing 5 you can group them together and list a lot which counts as 1 item in the marketplace.

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